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d o n c o _ m o n m o  / registers_on line  is a worked out by the  docomomo / international specialist's committee on registers (isc/r)  in collaboration with docomomo international and the different docomomo national working parties.

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The international specialist’s committee on Registers (ISC/R) was established in 1992 during the second docomomo international conference, held in the Bauhaus building in Dessau. The aim was to engage working parties in fostering documentation on modern movement buildings and sites. The most immediate objective was the development of an inventory of iconic examples of modern architecture to be discussed at the Barcelona Conference in 1994. Gérard Monnier, docomomo France, was elected first chair of the committee. Criteria for the selection constituted the heart of the debate within the committee. A meeting was held in Paris at the headquarters of Icomos in the fall 1993 for establishing a grid of criteria.

The third docomomo international conference (Barcelona, September 1994) was the first milestone in the collective register work. Fifteen working parties submitted fiches recording a total of more than 500 buildings and sites, illustrated with photos and CDs.
In December of the same year the ISC/R held a meeting aimed to evaluate the results of the Barcelona conference and to establish a common pattern for the inventory. The Committee distinguished three levels for selecting significant buildings, sites and neighborhoods of modern architecture:

The local level: the national and/or regional register
The international level: the international selection (IS)
The global level: world heritage List (WHL). 

Response from the working parties to the registers’ project has been quite encouraging. The considerable progress since Barcelona and the proposals for future documentation extended the inventory to include gardens, landscapes and urban developments.
At the fifth docomomo international conference (Stockholm 1998) the submissions presented in Barcelona were augmented by many more detailed IS records, from 15 to 29 national or regional working parties.
The specialists’ committees agreed that the next phase of collecting data would extend the scope of the registers to include significant examples of modern urbanism after WWII. This stage was named “new international selection” (NIS).

The NIS fiche, published in February 2000, was designed to accommodate a wider range of subjects – especially complexes including several items – and to facilitate transfer of files to a database. The NIS represents a third phase of documentation, extending, not replacing, the records of modern buildings and sites, previously produced. Working parties had to continue to extend the range of their records, revising earlier fiches.

In the meantime, more than thirty working parties have made great efforts to contribute to a collective publication The Modern Movement in Architecture: Selections from the docomomo registers. The book was launched at the sixth international conference in Brasilia, in 2000, to celebrate the forty anniversary of the inauguration of the new capital.

The docomomo registers, including the fiches and the attached documents, are gathered together in the archive collection of the Netherlands Architectural Institute in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). They illustrate about 800 buildings and sites from more than 35 countries worldwide.

Maristella Casciato, chair of docomomo international, was chair of the committee for several years. She was replaced by Panayotis Tournikiotis, docomomo Greece, during the eighth docomomo international conference (Paris 2002). Since 2004, New York conference, Inge Bertels replaces Marieke Kuipers, whom became vice-president, as secretary of the committee.

In 2002 a thematical approach was launched by Panayotis Tournikiotis. From 2003 onwards, evry national working party is aksed to submit 5 register fiches related to a specific theme. The definition of the theme is formulated by the ISC/R and corresponds every pair years to the internatational conference theme. In the unpair years the  ISC/R seminars-theme is follewed.
- 2003: Sports, Body and Modern Architecture (Athens seminar)
- 2004: Import-Export: Postwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945-1975 (New York Conference)
- 2005: The Modern House  
- 2006: Other Modernisms (Conference in Turkey, 2006)
 - 2007: Education
- 2008: The Machine and Modern Architecture

The ISC/R meets regularly each year. Meetings have been held in Rotterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Sabaudia, Leuven-Antwerp and Brnö. The annual meeting is usually scheduled for mid-July. In 2008 the meeting took place in Paris from 4th till the 6th of July.